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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a distributor? [+]
If you would like to become a distributor and receive special distributor pricing, please email us at for more information.
Can I submit a purchase order? [+]
Yes, please send your purchase order to
Which payment methods do you accept?[+]
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). We also accept bank transfers. Bank transfers cannot be done online, so please email us to discuss this option.
How do your products compare to the ones I purchase from Agilent, Varian, Restek, etc.? [+]
The ferrules that we sell are comparable to the ones you would buy from one of these large chromatography suppliers, but at a much lower price. Don’t believe us? Give our products a try and if you are not satisfied, we will refund your money.
Are we authorized by or associated with Agilent? [+]
No, we are not authorized by or associated with Agilent. These products have not been reviewed by Agilent to verify their quality or compatibility with Agilent's products.
Can I return ferrules if I ordered the wrong ones?[+]
If you are not happy with the products you ordered, then we are not happy. We know that ordering ferrules and other consumables can be a little confusing at times with all of the choices. All unopened packages of ferrules or other consumables may be returned for a refund or a replacement. Please contact us prior to sending back any products.
Can you make custom ferrules?[+]
Please email us at with the specs for the ferrules you need made, and we will let you know. We are always open to helping you out.
How are your prices so amazing? Are these the same type of ferrules I would get from other big chromatography distributors?[+]
We set up our business with one thing in mind, keep the customer happy. We have sold and manufactured ferrules for over 20 years, and we finally got sick of seeing how much some of the big companies were charging. So, we cut them out. You get the same quality you are used to, but at a much better price.
How are your ferrules packaged?[+]
All ferrules come packed in ultra clean glass bottles to prevent contamination that you could get from plastics.
Do you ship international?[+]
Yes. We can ship to anywhere in the world. We recommend that you order in larger quantities in order to save on shipping costs. We can either ship using your own shipping account, or we can ship the order using our Fed Ex account. We get about a 50% discount on shipping and will charge you the actual cost prior to shipping.
Can I ship the order on my shipping account?[+]
Yes, just select your account under shipping options and type in the shipping company you use and your account number.
Which material is best for my application?[+]
Ferrule Type Temperature Limit Typical Uses Advantages Disadvantages
Graphite (100%) 450°C General purpose for capillary column connections to inlets and detectors

Easy to use, can be tightened to hold column in place without seizing, column can be readjusted

Can be removed easily

High temperature limit

Most forgiving of connection imperfections

Can be re-used

Allows air diffusion. Not for MS or oxygen-sensitive detectors

Over tightening can extrude graphite into inlet or detector. Pieces flake off and stay behind, causing peak tailing and sample losses

Soft, easily deformed or destroyed

Interacts with solvent, causing tailing

Vespel/Graphite 400°C

General purpose for capillary and packed glass columns

Recommended MS or oxygen-sensitive detectors

Reliable, leak-free connection

Easy reliable connections

Reusable & Remakeable

Maintains shape, does not flake off

Fairly forgiving of connection imperfections

Design specific to fitting

Shrinks with temperature cycling. Must re-tighten frequently

Seizes on column, cannot be re-adjusted, must be cut off

Vespel 350°C

Isothermal operation

Reliable seals even with flawed surfaces, forms to sealing surface

Excellent sealing material when making metal or glass connections

Excellent for external connections

Easy reliable connections

Reusable & Remakeable

Can be removed easily if used at room temperature

Low air permeability

Can shrink at elevated temperatures, must re-tighten frequently

Can glue connections together if exceeding recommended temperature limit and destroy fitting

Teflon 250°C

External connections not involving carrier gas

Valve actuator gas lines

Glass packed columns used at low temperatures

Easy connections

Can be re-used

Very forgiving of connection imperfections

Can seal with very little pressure

Allows air diffusion. Not for MS or oxygen-sensitive detectors

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