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We make it easy for you to find and buy ferrules and other Gas Chromatography (GC) comsumables at unbeatable prices!

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Welcome to the hub of premium GC consumables! With 30 years of industry expertise, we provide top-notch GC ferrules, GC inlet liners, custom chromatography vial kits, GC septa, and more. Our legacy in supplying OEM products to global gas chromatography giants now translates to direct cost savings for you, without compromising quality.

Our comprehensive range accommodates leading systems like Agilent, Varian, Scion, Bruker, Alltech, Grace, CRS, Supelco, Restek, Phenomenex, Perkin Elmer and more. Choose from Graphite, Teflon, or Vespel/Graphite ferrules in sizes 1/16” to 1.75” for impeccable connections or inlet liners, GC purifiers, vial/cap kits, septa, headspace vials and more.

Authenticity matters. All our consumables are MADE IN THE USA, ensuring unrivaled quality and performance. Need tailored solutions or expert guidance? Reach out via email; we specialize in ferrules and many other cost-effective alternatives.

Experience chromatography excellence with our GC consumables. Discover reliability, affordability, and compatibility in one place. Elevate your analyses today!


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